Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2008

Frohe Weihnachten...

Jetzt habe ich doch glatt vor lauter Logik, Resolution und Normalform vergessen Ihnen allen ein frohes Weihnachtsfest, ein erfolgreiches Neues Jahr und schöne Ferien zu wünschen!!

Hier noch die Geschichte zum Ursprung des "Akronyms" OWL für die Web Ontology Language:
What does the acronym “ OWL” stand for?
Actually, OWL is not a real acronym. The language started out as the “Web Ontology Language” but the Working Group disliked the acronym “WOL”. We decided to call it OWL. The Working Group became more comfortable with this decision when one of the members pointed out the following justification from the noted ontologist A.A. Milne who, in his influential book “ Winnie the Pooh” stated of the wise character OWL:

“He could spell his own name WOL, and he could spell Tuesday so that you knew it wasn't Wednesday but his spelling goes all to pieces over delicate words like measles and buttered toast.”

(Jim Hendler, Web-Ontology (WebOnt) Working Group, Tuesday 19 Jul 2005.)

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